Namjoon Event 2023

Veröffentlicht am 10. September 2023 um 14:11

I have never felt the way I did at this event than at other events. It was definitely not a good or rather nice feeling. I was devastated and sad, even a little angry.

I think that was because, as always, a lot of people were expected to attend this event, but at the end of the first day not even 50% came. I couldn't find the reason and thought a lot about what we could have done better or what the problem was. I'm a perfectionist and thought I did something wrong. In addition, this time there were a lot of unfriendly people on site and spread a bad mood. They were unfriendly and wanted more more and more. Sayings like “That’s it?” We had to listen to each other more often in response to the FREE goodies or "Well, that's what I came for now" in an unfriendly tone.

But hey, there were still nice moments, of course! Characterized by laughter, fun and a good mood. I hope and wish that I can radiate more joy for the next event and also be able to enjoy the event myself.

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