BTS Goodie Packages and Cupholder

5,00 €
zzgl. Versandkosten

you want to pickUp ? no problem, we will refund you the Shipping costs ! or choose "auf rechnung" and pay chash or card by pick up your orderm :) 

We will package here all of our leftovers from our past Events in your package, for the Member you choosed. So if you already went to some of our Events, it could be that you already have the Goodies we will send. 

If you choosed a Member: You will get at least 1x Bag or more if we have more. 

Shipping Price Information: 

  • the 4,00€ includes the packaging + tracked shipping 
  • if you choosed cupholder we will maybe email you for an extra payment of 1,79€ (depends of your total amount)